Business and Legal Issues in International Business Transactions

Thomas Hill

This course will examine key business and legal issues confronting international commercial transactions. We will begin with an analysis of typical transactions, such as the complex international purchase and sale transaction; global freight and delivery arrangements (including the INCOTERMS); cross-border licensing and technology transfers; international joint ventures; foreign investments; and mergers and acquisitions.

Thereafter financial arrangements will be analyzed, including letter of credit mechanics; international payment transfers; currency issues; trade credit risks; and sources of financing, such as conventional bank financing, project finance and unconventional or alternative sources of financing. We will then devote some time to methods of dispute resolution, including pre-dispute planning and tactics; mediation; arbitration; and litigation. Finally, certain key legal issues and institutions that impact international business will be examined, including the WTO and import/export and customs regulations; the international monetary regime; sovereign immunity, expropriation and acts of state; recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments; and the Vienna Convention on International Sales of Goods.