The Business Law of Intellectual Property

Joseph Bogdan         

This course examines the latest issues relating to the management and licensing of intellectual property. It includes analysis and simulated hands-on management of real-world intellectual property portfolios, from identifying portfolios that are ripe for extraction of unrealized value to formulating plans for delivering that value in the form of incremental revenue to the intellectual property owners. Topics covered include: the importance of maximizing portfolio value; identifying the right (and the wrong) reasons for adopting a strategy of portfolio management; the teams required for effectiveness at various stages of portfolio management; monetizing a portfolio of intellectual property assets; avoiding the traditional pitfalls encountered; and identifying, anticipating and meeting the challenges that will arise.  While all forms of intellectual property will be discussed, the primary focus of this particular course is on the “soft” intellectual properties (i.e., everything other than patents).

There are no specific pre-requisites for attending the lecture.  However, students should have a very good knowledge of business English in order to read the materials and participate in in-class discussions. 

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Comprehend and recall the fundamental principles of intellectual property licensing and portfolio management.
  • Apply principles of intellectual asset management, independently and in group settings, towards maximization of value and revenue.
  • Evaluate the merit of various viewpoints and opinions regarding intellectual property assets and their value and potential uses.
  • Generate unique and novel ideas, plans and strategies relevant to the protection and exploitation of an intellectual asset portfolio.